Bookdesign Biourbanism

McGregor Coxall

For over a year, we have worked on one of the most beautiful and demanding projects in Studio Wiegers’ 13-year history. Culminating in a book spanning approximately 400 pages, titled ‘Biourbanism – Cities as Nature | A Resilience Model for Anthromes.’ Our contribution ranged from project management and research to data visualisation and design.

Visualizations magazine H&W


The Dutch College of General Practitioners (Nederlands Huisartsen Genootschap, NHG) has been publishing its monthly magazine ‘’Huisarts & Wetenschap’’ (General Practitioner & Science) since 1957. This magazine, intended for all general practitioners in the Netherlands, contains background information, research articles, and in-depth coverage of various topics relevant to its readers. We provide a significant portion of this magazine’s data visualisations, illustrations, and layout.

Concept and design


LEARN. TO. RESPOND. RSPND is the type of partner anyone would be eager to work with. They are enthusiastic, challenge us creatively, and appreciate our input. Our contribution often involves designing models, methods, and processes, but we also frequently release other publications such as brochures and maps.

Online publication of research


In 2021, the Dutch Association of Supervisors in Healthcare and Welfare (NVTZ) and the Association of Supervisors in Housing Corporations (VTW) initiated a long-term study. This research aims to provide an overview of the state of the internal oversight within the housing corporation and healthcare and welfare sectors. It also has the potential to identify trends and developments over time. The first research report was published in December 2022. It is primarily focused on the difference between the two sectors.